Last week an ever so slight earth shattering disaster occurred in my home…

I accidentally tumble dried one of my absolute favourite vintage jumpers. (I blame the new washing machine with confusing settings. I mean, why is there an automatic dry function on a wool spin?! WHY?)

Not only was this jumper vintage, but it was bought from the one and only Vintage Desir in Paris. I love a bit of Vintage Fashion and Paris is fab for it, with a wide selection of shops, but this place comes top of the list. Everything is so ridiculously cheap, there’s a crazy wide range of stuff and it is never overly busy. Like, it’s fairly rammed, but I’ve never had to fight anyone for anything. This does depends on time of day too though – generally first thing it’s not too bad.

I almost didn’t want to post about it, because I know it’s a somewhat well kept secret, but sometimes these things have to be done. It’s quite an unassuming little place, away from the touristy areas, but it’s worth the trip. It doesn’t even have a proper sign (or at least hadn’t when I last visited), just go to the address and step inside the wardrobe.

Knowing that it’s open right now and I can’t get to it is saddening me a little. Thankfully I work in London so can always get my fix from there tomorrow if I must. Nonetheless, if anyone finds a black knit jumper in there and feels like bringing it to the UK for me it would be much appreciated. I do still have half a wardrobe full of vintage knits though, so I shan’t be going cold.

My love of vintage was partly why living in Brighton was absolute heaven – it’s full to the brim of retro stores; Beyond Retro / Dirty Harry / To Be Worn Again / The whole of the North Laine, but nothing was particularly inexpensive. Obviously you can frequent charity shops, where there are often some damn good finds, but I’ve never been to Vintage Desir and not found something amazing that my purse can handle (The amazing Levi jacket pictured below, bought for less than €20 for instance). My poor suitcase is always busting at the seams on my return journey / I have to wear more than one outfit at the same time under the rest of my clothes.


There are a lot more amazing vintage places in Paris, but this is my personal fave. The others are fun to explore, and if you dig deep there are good finds but it definitely depends on your budget.

I don’t tend to take many photos whilst shopping, as I get a bit over excited by the clothes, but I managed to find a couple. Please excuse how fairly old and terrible they are… But here’s me buying lots of clothes (that’s not Vintage Desir, but I did still manage to find a rad crop leather jacket I still own to this day) and also me struggling to fit said clothes in my case:

Paris, Dublin, London and Brighton are my current favourites for Vintage Shopping. I’ve also heard Stockholm and Amsterdam are amazing, but I didn’t find much whilst I was there. It was freezing cold winter when I visited both of the aforementioned cities though, so I probably wasn’t trying as hard as I normally would to explore. If it wasn’t obvious to me, my frozen feet wouldn’t have had much of it.

Anyone have any more vintage shops they’d recommend? Bear in mind, budget is better in my case!

Happy Monday!







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