A Solo Day in Paris

For a while now I've wanted to experience solo travel - sure, I've had tastes it over the years when I've flown/travelled alone but always been meeting people at the other end. I'd say I'm quite an independent person; more than happy going to a museum or for coffee on my own. Living in London, … Continue reading A Solo Day in Paris


A Weekend in Budapest

For me, Budapest was the perfect place to spend a long weekend - a lot of beautiful buildings to see, great coffees to try, cool bars to drink local beers at... And all of this at a price I could actually afford. I went with my friend Naomi (@ohsixeleven) and it was lovely to have … Continue reading A Weekend in Budapest


Updated May 2020 It took me a long time to compile this list simply because I kept disagreeing with myself. I planned a top ten then contemplated making it longer, to fit in the other places that definitely do warrant a mention but sadly don’t quite make it (in my eyes). Of course, there’s plenty … Continue reading MY TOP 10 EUROPEAN CITIES

48 Hours in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels isn't somewhere I had ever hugely considered, I didn't know that much about it and to this day, I'm not quite sure how we ended up deciding to go there. Nonetheless, I'm glad that we did. It's not a huge city centre - small but perfectly formed, with a lot of history, great biscuits … Continue reading 48 Hours in Brussels, Belgium


I wrote this while on the way back from a beautiful long weekend on the Greek Island of Corfu. In many ways the trip went as expected - my boyfriend Fred, slept next to me on the flight whilst children cried loudly around us, I got covered in insect bites and of course, our flight … Continue reading A WEEKEND IN CORFU | GREECE


After drinking all the wine and literally getting the ants out of my pants (check out the last post to understand this suitcase mishap), we left Domain de la Soucherie and continued our wine tour, this time heading to Chateau Bouvet Ladubay, located near Saumur. We got so ridiculously lucky with the weather, considering it … Continue reading DAY 4 | LOIRE VALLEY | WINE TRIP


I just realised that in my last post (when we arrived in Tours), I didn't think to point out that Tours is a city in France. I did not arrive somewhere in order to take multiple tours. I'm not sure if that needed clarification or not but there you go. As you were.  TOURS Day … Continue reading Day 3 | TOURS | WINE TRIP


This post is a little different to the usual, as the trip was undertaken for work. It involved driving from Madrid to Amsterdam, stopping off in various cities in between. I won't give a complete run down of the work trip because that is unlikely to help anyone (plus I didn't really see any of … Continue reading MADRID – AMSTERDAM


If you have been following this Baltic road trip, you may have noticed that Hamilton and I started in Riga - no, I haven't lost my mind and written the wrong city in the title; we also finished here. Flights were a lot cheaper and worked out better schedule wise, plus its there was no … Continue reading RIGA | DAY 6 | BALTIC ROAD TRIP


After a few stressful days of drinking, walking in beautiful countryside and meandering around lovely cities, we really needed a break and some time to relax; to just get away from it all. So we headed to Parnu, where we had booked a spa resort hotel. RESORT HOTEL AND SPA ESTONIA I jest. We genuinely … Continue reading PARNU | DAY 5 | BALTIC ROAD TRIP