AMERICANA | TREK AMERICA VLOG Here's the video that I made and forgot to post. This truly was the most amazing summer I've ever had in my life. I cannot believe half the things I saw, and only about a quarter of them are in this video as sadly I could not put what I saw with my eyes … Continue reading AMERICANA | TREK AMERICA VLOG


Ok, so I planned to be way better at this blog than I actually was. I would have been better, but it's funny how difficult it can be getting hold of wifi in the middle of the desert... Also, in all honesty, I was having way too much fun. Sorry. As I said in a … Continue reading SAYING GOODBYE | TREK AMERICA


Coming to you from a damp washing room at a very rainy campsite. I wish I could describe in depth what we've been up to for the last couple of days. But there is SO much, I'll just go over the main stuff. On Thursday morning we awoke in Utah, and then set off throughout … Continue reading MONUMENT VALLEY – GRAND CANYON | TREK AMERICA


Apologies for my terrible lack of posts. But it's fantastic, it's superb, it's amazing, and if I was blogging everything we're doing I wouldn't have time to be. To sum up. We went to New York, where we ate and drank and did what tourists do. We went to Finger Lakes where we paddled and … Continue reading QUICK UPDATE | TREK AMERICA


We're now in Tennessee! Realised these blog posts are going to have to be fairly sporadic as I just don't have time to write them plus I have very little internet! We're currently on our way into Memphis (we aren't walking). The plan is to set up camp, then get changed, have some drinks and … Continue reading KENTUCKY | TREK AMERICA


Tomorrow, our trek starts. Excittiinng. Naomi is so excited she's currently dancing. We've just moved hotels so we're closer to where the group meets in the morning. Well, that was the intention. We've just realised we're next to the wrong Hilton. Slaps on the back all round. Anyways. Today we went back to the empire … Continue reading THE NIGHT BEFORE | TREK AMERICA


Coming to you from a well air conditioned bench in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we're having a lil sit down in order to rest our feet. Dying for a cup of tea. Sadly tea here is weird, as I've discovered - I've started going for Earl Grey tea as it's safer. It's our … Continue reading NEW YORK, NEW YORK | TREK AMERICA