Coming to you from a well air conditioned bench in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we’re having a lil sit down in order to rest our feet. Dying for a cup of tea. Sadly tea here is weird, as I’ve discovered – I’ve started going for Earl Grey tea as it’s safer.

It’s our first full day here so we’ve gone for a good old walk around Central Park and ended up at the met. We have NY passes so we got in free. We tried to go to the museum of art and design, but they said the ny pass wouldn’t let us in free. Bitches.


To start from the beginning of our trip, we flew here yesterday morning. I had a minor panic attack in the car on the way to the airport as I thought I’d forgotten my iPod. But thankfully I hadn’t, so you needn’t worry.


I hope that last sentence made sense, part way through it she asked me to look at her chest.


Anyway. We had an ok flight, though we didn’t sleep that well and so were fairly knackered meaning last night once arriving we fell asleep instead of going to the fireworks for 4th July. Boo us whores.


To sum up yesterday: queue, flight, queue, walk, queue, taxi, hotel, flooded bathroom (an uninteresting story) and sleep.


Our hotel is called the night and is supposedly the sexiest hotel in the US. This can be proved by the kama sutra provided in our bedside table. It’s pretty much black everywhere and they play dance music in the corridors 24/7. Which makes it odd whn you walk out the front door and into Times Square.


I went for a run around Times Square this morning actually. People looked at me in a friendly way, like I was a local which was nice. ACCEPTANCE.


Anyway, it’s chilly in here. And we have hats/replacement sunglasses to buy.


From the flyest girls in the Monet room,


Lots of








P.S. If you saw someone wearing a backpack on the front and back that was me (Abi) 2kl2skl.


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