7 Travel Related Zoom Ideas

If like me, you're suffering from a bit of lockdown fatigue (lockdown 3 here in the UK now), this may also include getting a bit sick of Zoom/FaceTime/Google Meet etc - honestly, I couldn't agree more. We had a few Zoom Quizzes at Christmas which I really enjoyed but I haven't been invited to any … Continue reading 7 Travel Related Zoom Ideas


My Top 5 Places to Stay

I've been lucky enough to stay at some incredible places - some through work, some I thoroughly researched and some well, we just got lucky with. Out of the places we've stayed I've been keeping a mental note of everywhere I've loved the most, mostly so that I can remember to return to them again … Continue reading My Top 5 Places to Stay

A Day at the Postal Museum

Walking to the Post Office this morning to send a book to a friend, I was reminded of how incredible the postal service is. I can post a letter to someone across the country or even across the world, for the change in your pocket, and they'll receive it a few days later. Earlier this … Continue reading A Day at the Postal Museum

My Top 20 Museums/Galleries in the World

This is such a tough one - at first, I wanted to do my top 10 favourite museums but it soon became apparent that there was no way I could whittle it down to that few a number, so instead I compromised with myself and made it a top 20. Top 10s are overrated anyway, … Continue reading My Top 20 Museums/Galleries in the World

A day at the Seaside | Whistable, Kent

Recently on a bit of a whim, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Kent for the day. Living in London, Whitstable is actually quite close and makes for the perfect day trip for eating, drinking and of course, beaching. It has a beautiful high street, lots of lovely pubs and a long stretch … Continue reading A day at the Seaside | Whistable, Kent

A Solo Day in Paris

For a while now I've wanted to experience solo travel - sure, I've had tastes it over the years when I've flown/travelled alone but always been meeting people at the other end. I'd say I'm quite an independent person; more than happy going to a museum or for coffee on my own. Living in London, … Continue reading A Solo Day in Paris

A Weekend in Copenhagen

Last October, a couple of friends and I jumped on a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark. We booked the trip on a bit of a whim (thank you Norwegian Air for your affordable flights) and in all honesty, I didn't really know what to expect of the city. I'd been around Norway and to Stockholm but … Continue reading A Weekend in Copenhagen

A Long Weekend in the Austrian Mountains

This past New Year my friends and I were incredibly fortunate to stay at the holiday home of one of our friend's parents in a small village near the Austrian border, not far from Udine and Bled. We flew into Venice and from there it was roughly a 2.5 hour drive to the village; we … Continue reading A Long Weekend in the Austrian Mountains

A Weekend in Budapest

For me, Budapest was the perfect place to spend a long weekend - a lot of beautiful buildings to see, great coffees to try, cool bars to drink local beers at... And all of this at a price I could actually afford. I went with my friend Naomi (@ohsixeleven) and it was lovely to have … Continue reading A Weekend in Budapest

My Favourite Homeware Shops

Anyone that knows me can tell you how obsessed with homeware I am. I've been this way since I was a teenager, always collecting bits and pieces here and there for 'my own home, when I'm grown up'. Well, now I'm grown up and the obsession hasn't ended. If I see a homeware store, I … Continue reading My Favourite Homeware Shops