NY Resolutions | 2023


Happy New Year!

It has of course been one heck of a hot minute since I wrote anything on here, nevertheless… She’s back! How on earth is everyone?

I’ve decided I’m starting as I mean to go on (as I imagine a lot of us are) and posting a blog – partly because I miss it and partly because I need something to hold me somewhat accountable for all the hopes and dreams floating around in my noggin.

This year I’ve settled on a few New Year resolutions, some of which – on day (check’s calendar) … 3, are going quite well. Others, are absolute non starters.

Here they are:

  • CLOTHING: To only buy secondhand/vintage/sustainable clothes (unless it’s something like underwear or another necessity I absolutely can’t find elsewhere). I’ve done a little bit of this within the last week or so and have really enjoyed it. I’m going to be joining a 5-a-side football team and was in need of astro turf boots, which it turns out are quite expensive to buy new, but a lot cheaper second hand. Not only is it good for the planet but it’s also good for my pocket (especially as I have no idea how many times I’ll even wear them).
  • PLASTIC: To use less plastic – I’ve started this one off by trying to only buy vegetables/fruit in the supermarket without plastic on and by ordering some cleaning refills from a site called Homethings. I’m also continuing to refill my shampoo and conditioner (from Faith in Nature), and will look to do the same with other things like shower gel/hand wash. My main worries with plastic are food and drink + make-up (as they often come in plastic containers), but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to them.
  • READING: To read before bed (as well as at other times of day) rather than scroll through an unlimited amount of TikToks.
  • TIKTOK: Ironically, my next one is the exact opposite of that as I’d like to post a bit more on TikTok. I enjoy making them as well as watching, so why not eh? The same counts for this blog of course. If you fancy following me on TikTok, click here.
  • SKINCARE: To actually have a skincare routine that I stick to – I have a lot of products, some of which get used regularly but most are more on a whim. I won’t be buying anything else until I use what I have, so may as well actually make use of everything.
  • HEALTH: Finally, the most common of all… Be healthy. I like going to the gym but recently I haven’t been very good at doing anything on a regular basis. As of yet I haven’t been to the gym this year, but in fairness I have got this horrible flu/cold bug (not covid – I tested) so I haven’t felt up to much. I’ll be going into work twice a week (remote the other three days), so my intention is to do exercise classes on the days I’m in – which I love doing, then gym/swim on the other days I can. Plus, I started a 28 day Pilates class on YouTube but only managed one day before this terrible cough began, so shall restart that shortly!

We’ll see how I get on with these – if anyone has any tips for me on the above, I’m all ears!

The other thing which is obviously on my mind, is travel. I’m not setting any specific resolutions to do with it this year, but do have some destinations in mind which I’ll share more on shortly. I might even get a chance to update my bucket list

Keep Well 🙂





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