Updated June 2020: I initially wrote this list about 5 years ago but as time changes, so have my goals – hence the update.

A bucket list is basically a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Everyone’s is different, and it can include literally anything; whatever is important to you.

I have a couple of lists like this – some longer in duration and some shorter, including a ‘thirty before thirty’ and ‘yearly aims’. I’m definitely a list person, so I love tracking things like this and being able to tick them off.

So, here goes… (Not all of them are Travel related. Sometimes I do other things)

Bucket List

(In no particular order)

  • Visit all the continents (aside from Antarctica)
  • Write a book 
  • Climb a mountain
  • Visit NASA in Florida
  • Go Interrailing
  • Take an improv class 
  • Learn to cook a 3 course meal to perfection 
  • Hike the Penine way + the PCT + the Inca Trail up to Macchu picchu
  • Try surfing 
  • Visit all of the Nordic countries (I’ve been to Sweden, Norway and Denmark so far)
  • Do a handstand 
  • Take the bullet train to Mount Fuji 
  • Read the classics 
  • Go in a hot air balloon in a cool location
  • Learn to play guitar (Technically I can play, but I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly pleasant listening experience)
  • Go on a safari
  • Learn to sew 
  • See the Great Wall of China

Things I’ve Done

(That are Bucket List Worthy IMO)

Get a degree


Road trip America

I’ve done a couple of road trips now and been so lucky to visit some incredible locations along the way. 

Get my driving licence


See the Northern Lights


Get my black belt

(In Karate/Kickboxing)

Visit Plitvice Lakes 

Work in TV and Film

(This photo was taken whilst waiting for the rain to stop so we could resume filming)


Live in another country

(I lived in Toronto for a bit in 2018/19 with my best friend!)

Run a half marathon

I’m signed up to do another one this year too! 

Learn to ski

(and be able to ski black runs)

Go to the Scottish Highlands

I’m lucky enough to have been a couple of times now and it’s always incredible!


Zip Line in an awesome location

(Across a valley in Croatia)


Drive the Atlantic Road

(We road tripped around Norway and it was incredible)


Visit the Smithsonian

I went a few years ago on a trip to DC and I’m desperate to return to them all.

Buy a Place

This only just happened so I’ll post some updates on it soon!

I’m constantly adding to this, and do take ideas on for inspiration! Is there an experience you’d recommend?

There are loads of sites out there telling you things you should do before you die (Such as) and some are great for inspiration, but I think that a bucket list should be a very personal thing. Just because one person wants to do something, doesn’t mean everyone will want to.

Also, remember that just because it’s a ‘bucket list’ doesn’t mean everything on it has to be a big thing. Big or small, if it means something to you then it’s definitely worth including.

What’s high up on your list?





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