After a few days reflecting on 2015, we’re ready for this New Year. Here are our 2016 squad goals:


To lie down on the ground to get the best shot, even if it means people look at me weird.


To do more solo travel. Well, start doing some solo travel! I’m no stranger to independence – I’ve even lived alone! But, I’ve never actually travelled alone. I’ve spent a couple of days here and there at the start or end of trips by myself, such as the time I got stuck in Minneapolis St Paul airport (A very nice airport btw) for 24 hours by myself because of bad weather. It was only meant to be an hour stopover on the way back from San Francisco! Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. I just think that solo travel is an important step to take. It’s a bit scary, but I think that’s why it needs to be done. 

Plus I’d like to get a few more things ticked off the bucket list! (I still haven’t finished that damn cushion btw) Solo or otherwise!


 To be fit…maybe run a (half) marathon or take on Tough Mudder!


To spend less on clothes, and instead use that money to save for traveling! 


My resolutions for 2016 are to spend more time with my friends, visit at least one new place and learn to do the perfect cat flick eyeliner. 

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


(Travel Tea Tv Team)



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