After yesterday’s freak hail stones / blizzard, miraculously today was beautiful sunny weather; not a cloud in the sky, which we were very happy about. We walked all around the basin, and took in the sights our rain filled eyes weren’t quite able to fully appreciate yesterday. We walked almost constantly for about 10 hours.

What we did not factor in, was that though it was cold, the sun was still out and so will affect you in the way sun tends to… And midway through the afternoon, our red noses appeared and we realised that our pale British faces were not prepared for any kind of sun.


Aside from that, we had a great last day in the capital; we visited the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, The White House and all the other amazing landmarks around the tidal basin, before grabbing lunch from a food truck outside the American History museum on our way in.

Then, seeing as (lucky for us), the museums were open until 7 30pm tonight, we went to the Natural History Museum, where it was almost empty in comparison to the rest of the Smithsonian Museums.

Finally, we finished the day by walking back to the Reflecting pool and watching the sun go down, then seeing how everything is lit up at night. Spoiler; the reflecting pool looks stunning.


Washington DC has very quickly become one of my favourite cities, and though I’m sad to be leaving tomorrow, I know I’ll be returning, so as the french say ‘à bientôt’!

First thing in the morning we pick up the car, so seeing as it is already past midnight, I’ll let my head sink into the pillow now!





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