Travel Tea Tv is run by Abi (me). I work in TV, enjoy drinking Tea and Travel as often as possible. Working freelance allows me to take trips in between contracts, but as I tend to do very long hours when I am at work I often end up with a somewhat irregular posting pattern. There’s always content on our social media and a trip in the works though!

This blog hosts photographs, videos and tales from around the globe, as well as, recommendations of books, TV shows and films that I like, that have assisted/boosted/inspired these trips and (of course) hints on where to find lovely tea.

I tend to travel with my friends/boyfriend/family and more recently, I’ve even been joined by my dog Bonnie, which has been lovely albeit challenging at times (expect some dog friendly posts soon). My aim is to do some solo travel but I’ll admit it makes me a bit nervous, so I’m working up to it!

Mostly, I’d like to make this blog fun and hopefully, at times, funny. I’m a pretty positive person and hopefully this will come off in my posts. Travelling is a beautiful way to cleanse your mind, so don’t be surprised to find some life affirming moments.

Countries travelled so far

I’m British, so haven’t counted England, Scotland or Wales, even though it would be lovely to add 3 to the total number of countries.

So, in no particular order…

  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Austria
  4. Croatia
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Holland
  7. Spain
  8. Italy
  9. Belgium
  10. Latvia
  11. Estonia
  12. Greece
  13. Ireland
  14. Sweden
  15. Norway
  16. Venezuela
  17. USA
  18. Canada
  19. Denmark
  20. Hungary
  21. Slovenia


  1. New Zealand
  2. Alaska
  3. Australia
  4. South Africa
  5. Iceland
  6. Peru
  7. Vietnam
  8. Japan
  9. India
  10. China
  11. Poland
  12. Albania
  13. Finland
  14. Bulgaria (Trip planned for March 2020!)
  15. Northern Ireland


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