5 Reasons to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia

While I was in Toronto this past January, my mum flew out and joined me. It was just before I was due to come back, so we decided to venture outside of Toronto and fly to Nova Scotia, somewhere I had heard a lot about and was desperate to get to before returning to the … Continue reading 5 Reasons to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Favourite Bars in Toronto

I lived in Toronto for a little while, meaning I had the chance to try out a few different bars around the city. Ok, well mostly near me (Queen West). Of course, I am well aware that there are hundreds of bars in Toronto and I only had time to sample a selection of those, … Continue reading My Favourite Bars in Toronto


If you've been following this blog at all, or even scrolled down the home page, you'll notice that recently I've been focussing a little on seeing London from high up places. There was no particular rhyme or reason for this pattern, other than in my down time before leaving London to go to Toronto for a … Continue reading TOP PLACES TO SEE LONDON FROM ABOVE


In 2019, I am coming back to the UK after spending a solid few months in Toronto. I've absolutely loved my time here but I've got a lot of other things I want to get on with that I'm super excited for, so it makes perfect sense to come back on a high note. Having just … Continue reading 2019 TRAVEL WISHLIST


This year has been a bit of a mad one, what with moving to the other side of the world and all. As well as that, I somehow managed to fit in a bunch of other trips, so these are my highlights.  Video: https://youtu.be/bfJJgxSydP4   New York This was an absolute dream trip with my mum. … Continue reading 2018 TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS


--- Wow Air https://www.instagram.com/p/BnqWeoxghp-/ With a name like wow air and their crazy cheap flights, I can completely understand why a lot of people are dubious about this company. Some of my friends still refuse to fly with them simply because of the name. Nevertheless, we flew to Washington DC (via Iceland) at roughly half … Continue reading MY FAVOURITE AIRLINES


On a bit of a whim, Hamilton and I recently booked a trip to Quebec City during Air Canada's flight sale. It was just for the weekend (flying out Saturday morning and leaving Sunday evening) and we were super excited for the trip to get us into the festive mood. It's an absolutely stunning place … Continue reading A FESTIVE WEEKEND IN QUEBEC CITY