This week we’ve been blessed with good weather, which has been incredible. It’s amazing how much sunny weather can lift your mood (even if like me, you can only spend a couple of hours in the sun before it all becomes too much).

It’s been lovely going for walks in the sunshine without a jacket, having breakfast in the glow of the morning light and enjoying a white wine spritzer in what finally feels like the perfect temperature for them.

I’m not sure how long this weather will last but I for one, am incredibly happy it’s here. Of course, my week hasn’t been solely focused on going outside because, well… We’re still in lockdown.

Thankfully, I’ve still managed to find a bunch of things to keep me occupied and am super appreciative of them all. Here’s what has brought me joy this week:


If you’ve been following any of my previous posts like this, you’ll know that I’ve got REALLY into macrame recently. I bought a kit earlier this year and attempted to do one (which turned out fine but not great) and then I kind of just never picked it up again.

All it took was a world pandemic and lockdown but I finally got back into it again over the last few weeks; this week I just received an order of a bunch more macrame cord in a variety of colours, which I am so excited to start making into things for my friends and family (act surprised when you get it guys).

Workin’ Moms (TV Show)

A friend of mine recommended this show and I won’t lie, the title put me off a bit. I mean, the idea of a show about working mothers doesn’t exactly sound hysterical but my goodness is it hilarious. It’s 100% the funniest show I have watched in a long time and I couldn’t recommend it more. Season 4 just came out on Netflix and I binged it in about 2 days (if that).

It’s set in Toronto (which will always have a piece of my heart) and follows a group of women who attend the same toddler group; some are friends, some aren’t, but it’s about their shared experience into Motherhood. It’s hilariously funny and in contrast, definitely touching at times but also enraging (as you see how hard it inevitably is for them balancing everything). It’s also relatable whether you’re a mother or not (I am not) and very easy to get into.

I’m not sure I’ve sold it well enough but please, give it a go. The humour is sharp as anything and the performances are spot on.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

After seeing the trailer for the TV series of this on Amazon Prime, I was hugely excited to jump straight in and watch it immediately, but after realising it was a book, I decided it would be nice to read it first.

Within the first day of starting it, I’ve read 100 pages out of about 400. I had to stop myself from reading it all at once to be honest; it’s very Big Little Lies (Reese Witherspoon included) in terms of it’s content – centring around the house of a wealthy family in their “perfect” life burning down, leaving everyone making assumptions about who did it.

I haven’t finished it yet so please don’t give away the ending!

Maggie Rogers

Like a lot of other people in the world, I’ve had Maggie Rogers on repeat recently. There’s something so special about her music, I finish a song and want to experience it again almost immediately.

Among her biggest fans is Pharrell Williams, who heard her song Alaska during a masterclass at Unversity and loved it so much it left him speechless.

She was nominated for a Grammy for best new artist in 2020 and for sure has an incredible future ahead of her. I would LOVE to get to see her live one day.

Letter/post from friends

When I was at University, I got into a real habit of writing letters. I’m not sure why – I connected with most of my friends&family every day via text/social media but there’s something so lovely about letters that I don’t think you can quite get across in a virtual way.

I suppose part of it is the effort that goes into it – sending someone a text isn’t exactly equal to bothering to go to the postbox in terms of care. Not that I look down on texts, I just love receiving things in the post and in the same way, I love sending things.

During lockdown, I’ve started posting a few things again, including a card to my friend Hamilton in Toronto and he very kindly sent me a postcard back, which I proudly display in my bedroom to prove to my boyfriend that I do in fact have friends.

I also received this super cute little Good Luck Pixie from my mum, who I’ve proudly put on display in my bedroom. Fingers crossed she helps us all out of this current situation.

Sweets (eg candy/confectionary)

Admittedly, I have the worst sweet tooth. Always have. I get much more excited about anything with sugar in as opposed to something savoury.

This has definitely got worse during lockdown, I can’t deny. But in the same way, I still get SO excited whenever I have some sweets to eat that I don’t think it’s a bad thing all in all.

The items I get the most excited about are definitely squashies. If you’ve ever had a drumstick, it’s basically a way better version of them (because it doesn’t get your teeth all sticky). And if you haven’t even had a drumstick, then my goodness are you missing out.

And finally, this historically accurate TikTok:

What’s brought you joy this week?





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