Coming to you from a damp washing room at a very rainy campsite.

I wish I could describe in depth what we’ve been up to for the last couple of days. But there is SO much, I’ll just go over the main stuff.

On Thursday morning we awoke in Utah, and then set off throughout the desert of nothingness to Monument Valley. On the way we found a petting zoo with zebras, camels, sheep, goats etc. So random. Oh, I played pacman too. In the middle of the desert. Casual.

When we made it to Monument Valley we got a tour from a native american before eating/dancing with them. At night, we slept under the stars and were awoken by a native american playing the flute at 5 30.

After watching the sunrise we made our way to Lake Powell for a gorgeous swim. Then we’re going to a ranch to horseride/party with some cowboys. But what happens at the ranch stays at the ranch. Obviously.

After awaking fairly hungover on Saturday morning, we got a McDonald’s drive through and pushed on to the Grand Canyon. Last night we had pizza there. Standard.

Then this morning we woke up at 3am and went on a sunrise hike, which was absolutely gorgeous. Though slightly rainy and cloudy. But meh, the Grand Canyon is still the Grand Canyon.

I hope this post is coherent, but I’m guessing it probably isn’t considering I’ve had about 15 hours sleep in the last 3 nights.

Tomorrow we’re off to VEGAS BABY. And in a week today we’ll be in San Fran, and at the end of our travels. Which I can’t quite believe.

I’m sorry England, but I’m not sure you’ll ever be able to beat America on the basis of these last few days. It’s way too awesome.

Later Y’all.

P.S. Keep trying to blog, but I’ve barely had electricity never mind WiFi.

P.P.S. If you want something particular from America, lemme know.



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