Ok, so I planned to be way better at this blog than I actually was. I would have been better, but it’s funny how difficult it can be getting hold of wifi in the middle of the desert… Also, in all honesty, I was having way too much fun. Sorry.

As I said in a previous post, there really is so much I could say about this trip. But I actually don’t think words would be good enough. I’m going to make a video but I can’t promise how well that will sum it up either. All I can say is that one of the first conversations I had with my parents afterwards was requesting a road trip.

I’m massively going to miss my little adventurous family, and hope to be reunited with them as soon as possible. I haven’t cried yet, but sweet home Alabama came on earlier and I was close. If I hear country roads or wagon wheel I will definitely start blubbering. Oh well, *FIST BUMP* ‘sittin on the dock of the baayyy’ (that will only make sense to the Trekkers, I’m afraid)

I’m writing this from an airport lounge btw – I was supposed to be flying back yesterday but bad weather meant I missed my connecting flight. So I’ve been in Minneapolis for about 20 hours now. In the airport.

Oh well, I’ve got wanderlust already anyway.

I’m going to finish reading my travel books and dream I’m still trekking.

I’ll be back.





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