We’re now in Tennessee!

Realised these blog posts are going to have to be fairly sporadic as I just don’t have time to write them plus I have very little internet! We’re currently on our way into Memphis (we aren’t walking).

The plan is to set up camp, then get changed, have some drinks and make our way into town for some dinner and dancing!

Gon’ go all country and thang.

We met an amazing lady in Kentucky earlier, after casually visiting Colonel Sanders (the KFC guy) grave. Was lovely. KFC is mentioned on his grave in case you were wondering btw.

Today we visited the Louisville slugger museum and factory – saw the world’s largest baseball bat (120 foot tall, yep), saw how they make bats for the major league baseball players and got given a little one, and we tried out the batting cages. Surprisingly I managed to hit them all. Boom.

After that we stopped by the Worlds largest bottle of alcohol. Then Sanders’ grave and then a bourbon distillery. Sadly we couldn’t have any, but they told us all about it and it was pretty cool.

We’ve had a good laugh. A lot of fun round the camp fire making smores, taking it in turns to cook dinner, wash up etc. Proper ‘Merican.

Anyway, two more nights of camping, and then a couple of nights in a bed! A pretty exciting prospect. Especially considering the other night all our tents got wet and now they reek. Lovely.





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