My Top 5 Places to Stay

I've been lucky enough to stay at some incredible places - some through work, some I thoroughly researched and some well, we just got lucky with. Out of the places we've stayed I've been keeping a mental note of everywhere I've loved the most, mostly so that I can remember to return to them again … Continue reading My Top 5 Places to Stay


A Solo Day in Paris

For a while now I've wanted to experience solo travel - sure, I've had tastes it over the years when I've flown/travelled alone but always been meeting people at the other end. I'd say I'm quite an independent person; more than happy going to a museum or for coffee on my own. Living in London, … Continue reading A Solo Day in Paris


Updated May 2020 It took me a long time to compile this list simply because I kept disagreeing with myself. I planned a top ten then contemplated making it longer, to fit in the other places that definitely do warrant a mention but sadly don’t quite make it (in my eyes). Of course, there’s plenty … Continue reading MY TOP 10 EUROPEAN CITIES


I just realised that in my last post (when we arrived in Tours), I didn't think to point out that Tours is a city in France. I did not arrive somewhere in order to take multiple tours. I'm not sure if that needed clarification or not but there you go. As you were.  TOURS Day … Continue reading Day 3 | TOURS | WINE TRIP


Our second day, somehow, was even hotter than the first. We got up nice and early, put our shorts on and headed up to the Sacre Coeur (well, we got the metro most of the way but you get me) before visiting the Pompidou and then jumping on a train to Tours...  MONTMARTRE We got … Continue reading DAY 2 | PARIS – TOURS | WINE TOUR


A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Paris, then got the train out to the Loire Valley for a few days with my parents touring and tasting the wine region. We got really, really lucky with the weather in that it was boiling hot with bright sunshine, out of … Continue reading DAY 1 | PARIS | FRENCH WINE TOUR


This post is a little different to the usual, as the trip was undertaken for work. It involved driving from Madrid to Amsterdam, stopping off in various cities in between. I won't give a complete run down of the work trip because that is unlikely to help anyone (plus I didn't really see any of … Continue reading MADRID – AMSTERDAM


HAPPY 2018 Y'ALL Congratulations to you all for making it through a terrible, terrible year. I won't bother to try to sum up world events as the news was absolutely inescapable and equally unforgivable last year. Waking up and looking at my phone still panics me slightly. On a similarly sad note, this blog is … Continue reading 2018 IS FINALLY HERE


Shred the missing posters. Stand down the news. We are still alive and in fact, very well. So well, that we've managed to make a 13 minute video of a 4 day jolly in Paris. The leaves were on the ground. Rain fell from the sky. Cold shrouded us. It was autumn and it was … Continue reading PARIS IN AUTUMN | WEEKEND WANDERING


Last week an ever so slight earth shattering disaster occurred in my home... I accidentally tumble dried one of my absolute favourite vintage jumpers. (I blame the new washing machine with confusing settings. I mean, why is there an automatic dry function on a wool spin?! WHY?) Not only was this jumper vintage, but it was … Continue reading VINTAGE SHOPPING | PARIS