Shred the missing posters. Stand down the news. We are still alive and in fact, very well. So well, that we’ve managed to make a 13 minute video of a 4 day jolly in Paris.

The leaves were on the ground. Rain fell from the sky. Cold shrouded us. It was autumn and it was lovely.

We ate, we drank, we pretended to be cultured in a variety of museums (Louvre / Pompidou / Musee D’Orsay). I’ve written about Paris multiple times because it is my most favourite European city (aside from London of course), so I won’t bore you with a replica of the same old blog. Nonetheless this one was somewhat special.

Partially because it was Naomi’s birthday, partially because we stayed in Le Marais – the best part of Paris, in my opinion (the vintage shopping there is fantastic) but mostly because without us even knowing it, it was one of the last times we would be able to use our youth to our advantage (in relation to Paris anyway).

As we are heading into our mid-20s now, the category ‘youth’ is becoming further from us and soon we will be whatever the term is after that (hopefully just adult, but I’m thinking dramatically right now – my mind went to elderly / senior). Hence we won’t be able to make use of the wonderful discounts that come with this. The eurostar, museums, attractions etc are all much cheaper as a ‘youth’, so if you’re still lucky enough to fall into that category I would recommend making use of it!

Anywho, here is a link to the video if you feel like giving it a watch (one of our other videos recently reached 1.3 thousand views, which is much appreciated!) :






P.S. I hope you are all very, very well xo

P.P.S Believe it or not, we’ll have more like this very, very soon xoxo


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