A Solo Day in Paris

For a while now I've wanted to experience solo travel - sure, I've had tastes it over the years when I've flown/travelled alone but always been meeting people at the other end. I'd say I'm quite an independent person; more than happy going to a museum or for coffee on my own. Living in London, … Continue reading A Solo Day in Paris



Shred the missing posters. Stand down the news. We are still alive and in fact, very well. So well, that we've managed to make a 13 minute video of a 4 day jolly in Paris. The leaves were on the ground. Rain fell from the sky. Cold shrouded us. It was autumn and it was … Continue reading PARIS IN AUTUMN | WEEKEND WANDERING


After what feels like an age (#countrysidewifiproblems) my vlog has FINALLY uploaded. It's genuinely taken since last Saturday. So, please, please give it a watch! It features Hamilton, Dan and I; three musketeers that ventured around London to see what's what in the English capital. Suffice to say, we had a lot of fun. Find … Continue reading LONDON | VLOG | WEEKEND WANDERING