Last week, Hamilton and I spent 3 days wrapped up in Christmas spirit; visiting the gorgeous German city of Munich, where we went to markets, wandered through gardens and drank all of the beer. I'd never been to Germany before this trip, but I did have a picture in my mind of what it would be like... (Aka all the … Continue reading A WEEKEND OF WEIHNACHTEN | MUNICH


Last week an ever so slight earth shattering disaster occurred in my home... I accidentally tumble dried one of my absolute favourite vintage jumpers. (I blame the new washing machine with confusing settings. I mean, why is there an automatic dry function on a wool spin?! WHY?) Not only was this jumper vintage, but it was … Continue reading VINTAGE SHOPPING | PARIS


(Please watch it in HD, it's way better) Yes, that is Hamilton and I singing. Apologies. (You can always mute it for a few seconds) I really hope you like the video, we had great fun making it and it brings back amazing memories for us. Maybe, fingers crossed, it might even inspire others to … Continue reading CROATIAN ROAD TRIP | VLOG