Considering this blog is called ‘Travel Tea TV’ we post a whole lot about travel, and not too much about tea. Nonetheless, it pretty much powers this whole operation. And we love it.

On a day to day basis, PG Tips is the one. Fresh, extra strong, decaf. All the PG Tips.

Anyway, not long ago a good friend of mine from Holland sent me some AMAZING Earl Grey tea. I knew nothing about its origins, so thought I’d give it a quick google

They’re a fun company. For one, the name. But it’s also organic, affordable and good quality. What more could you want?


It’s been sitting in my room smelling amazing for far too long, so I brewed some up in my favourite teapot. It has a beautiful flavour, not too over powering, but still lovely and fresh. 4/5 mugs from us. Aka, we’d be happy if 4 out of our 5 mugs were this. 






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