In the summer of 2013, whilst road tripping America, we pulled off of Route 66 and stopped to visit the world famous ‘Cadillac Ranch’. An art installation (literally) consisting of 6 Cadillacs buried into the Texan dirt. 

They’ve moved since their initial burials, and been vandalised and spray painted over and over, and are a sight to behold. It’s literally just a field, with cattle and cars in it, and it’s free (unlike some other US Roadside oddities). 

If you bring your on spray paint (as many do), you can make your own mark. I can’t say how long it will stay there for, but it’s still a fun experience. 

If it’s muddy it can be a bit difficult to get on to them, but if you don’t mind get into a bit dirty then it’s a good opportunity to showcase your artistic flair. Or just look at other people’s. 




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