It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a tea review, so I’m very excited to be bringing you one. The tea in question, is David’s Tea’s ‘Cream of Earl Grey’. I grew up on Heinz cream of tomato soup, so even before tasting it I had an inkling that I was going to like it (I’m kidding – funnily enough, this tasted nothing like soup).

When I walked into David’s Tea (for the first time since moving to Toronto – we don’t have them in England), I was a bit overwhelmed. The staff were lovely and did show me a few different teas, including a S’mores Chai (which smelt divine and is probably what I will try next).

I’m a big fan of Earl Grey tea with a twist, such as Bird and Blend’s ‘Earl’s Paradise’ which is earl grey with papaya and strawberry, so I asked if they had anything like that. All they had was a straight up earl grey, and this…


I did the iconic smell test and was instantly sold. I only got a small packet because I’m somewhat of a tea hoarder and couldn’t let myself get caught up in buying large quantities of tea, that is inevitably going to end up at the back of the shelf as I try other teas – not because the tea is bad, just because I get excited about whatever new tea trend I’ve got myself caught up in. This is exactly the reason I haven’t posted a tea review in a little while; I had to put myself on a tea buying ban, in an attempt to use up the large selection of tea I already had.

I brewed the tea in my ‘IngenuiTEA’ brewer (which is still my absolute favourite toy), and tried it first without milk and then with; I tend to drink earl grey with milk but like to try any new earl greys without. It’s a super smooth tea, very drinkable and as it says on the tin, pretty damn creamy. Plus, it’s only £4.50 for the bag.


If you’re looking for a light, easy to drink tea for any time of day, this one is lovely. I only refilled my brewer once with the same tea – any more and it would be far too weak but that’s ok.

Solid 9/10.

What’s your favourite type of tea?







  1. teasbyjay says:

    I love starting the day with a hot cup of earl grey or just any black tea in general – what’s your fav morning tea?

    Also, I have to say I have the same problem as you – trying so many teas because I get so excited to try that I have tons to get through! I usually pick one or two for the week


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