I’m assuming it’s highly likely you’ve seen Coppa Club’s Igloos all over your Instagram and Pinterest already, so sorry if any mention of them is now considered spam. In case you haven’t heard about/seen them – they’re pretty nice, right? If you’re looking for somewhere unique and a bit kooky to eat in London, then keep reading.

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’ve been in Canada since September but I returned to London for two weeks to see my family/boyfriend Fred/friends as I’m not going back for Christmas and I missed them. During this time I wanted to make the most of being in London without being rushed off my feet with work and general busy-ness by booking in some fun things I had been meaning to do for a while.


One of these was the aforementioned igloos. Now, first thing to mention – they are a pain in the backside to book. I got extremely lucky because for some reason the date I was looking at happened to be wide open, almost every other day I looked at was completely full. If you do happen to find an open date then good going, but if you can’t, don’t be put off – from what I’ve been told if you get there early on (say around 9am), you can usually get a table. A fair few people turned up while we were there at 11am and were refused, even though it looked like there were quite a few tables free. I think they keep tables open for a while, so won’t seat people if someone else will be sitting there in 30 minutes or so.

Also, if you’re desperate to take a picture of them but can’t get a reservation, there is an entire restaurant behind the bubbles which you could always go into and just sneak a picture, though of course you don’t then get the actual experience!


Another thing to point out is that unless there is a large group of you, you don’t get a bubble to yourself. There were two other (small) tables in with Fred and I but it honestly didn’t matter, most of the time there was no one else in there. It wasn’t loud or anything, they did have music on, but it was quite serene. One thing we both thought about afterwards was how private it felt, even though actually they’re see through and anyone walking along the Thames can see you. It honestly doesn’t feel too open while you’re in there though. It’s cosy, warm and generally a really nice place to sit; you’ve got a good view of Tower Bridge and the Thames, and it’s a nice spot to people watch from.


As soon as I saw a picture of them, I assumed that it was going to be mega expensive. But you know what? I was wrong. It was pretty normal prices. I had a vegetarian breakfast and Fred had eggs, and then we both had a hot drink. It came to £40 (including tip), which for breakfast in London, with the added bonus of the setting, I thought was very reasonable.

It’s a pretty simple breakfast menu with staple items, which is tend to prefer in all honesty.  It’s presented nicely on pretty plates with garnish though wasn’t the warmest when we received it.


In general I would give it a 7/10 – we didn’t mind sharing a bubble but to make it a 10/10, I would like it to be more intimate. Also, the service was a little slow. Nonetheless, it was a really nice experience; something a bit different, really and at the end of the day, wasn’t too expensive.

Let me know if you do end up going, I would love to hear someone else’s take!






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