When it comes for paying for luggage on a short haul flight, unless I’m going to the arctic, I avoid it like the plague. Yes, airlines are getting more and more restrictive but I like the challenge.

Of course, if you’re going for an extended period of time, yes you will need more clothing etc but if you’re only going for a short time, there’s no reason you can’t fit everything in. You don’t need to bring the kitchen sink or if you’re my cousin (I’ve genuinely seen her do this), the iron. That’s right, her travel iron broke so she packed her ACTUAL IRON. I don’t care how creased your clothes are, please don’t pack your household iron.

Clothing wise obviously differs dependent on where you’re going but generally I aim to wear the same thing on the flight there and back, save for underwear and change of t-shirt, because I try to always wear the heaviest/bulkiest items I’m taking (boots/jacket etc). Then it’s just what you wear when you’re actually there – if it’s a hot holiday and you’re not sure if you need that extra jumper, don’t pack it. As with anything, if you’re aware you’re overpacking and you know you probably won’t wear it, leave it at home. My boyfriend will probably laugh at me writing this but he is one of these creatures that packs one pair of shorts and two t shirts no matter where we go. Mountains? Shorts and a tee. Maybe a light jacket. Jungle? Just shorts mate.

I’m exaggerating obviously but I am always impressed by the handful of items he is content with wearing for extended periods of time.

Clothing is generally the bulk of my packing but of course I bring other things.

I’m not even attempting to pretend I’m any kind of beauty guru but I do have a few toiletries (within the liquid allowance) I like to use on the plane that I feel the need to share. If it’s an early flight, I leave everything for the plane, make up and everything. If anything, it gives me something to do. I’m not one of those people that does a full on face mask, skincare routine – I’m frankly amazed that people manage to do that. I just bring on my normal make-up plus the few things below that I like to take on a flight:


Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm


Super Facialist Vitamin C with SPF


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm


Neals Yard Geranium and Orange Hand Cream


Bumble and Bumble BB Grooming Creme


I hate buying the tiny travel toiletries because they’re so expensive, so I try to keep an eye out for any deals on smaller products. The Neal’s Yard beauty balm came free with a larger version of the same product. I thought it was strange at first to give me a smaller version of the exact thing I had just bought but it’s actually really come in handy.

If you’re not given them at Christmas anyway, the sales are great places for gift sets which are full of miniature toiletries that are just the right size for next to nothing. I keep them in a drawer and use them over the year.

Supermarkets can also be quite good for smaller toiletries – toothpaste for example, they tend to just sell own brand small ones for about 50p which is about a million pounds cheaper than the branded ones.

I find the aircon on planes  keeps my skin from drying out and means my extremely fair skin is protected from the sun as soon as I step off the plane.

On this trip to Corfu, my foundation leaked in the little plastic bag which is annoying because they don’t always give you the bags on the way back. Generally I attempt to keep the bag for the way back because of this.

Some things are definitely simpler to bring from home for ease – I tend to bring an empty plastic bottle with me for the water and a couple of plastic bags for dirty clothes and wet swimwear. I also bring a tote bag that fits easily into my one piece of allowed hand luggage, so I have a spare bag for the beach etc without taking up too much room.

As for entertainment, flights are a great place to catch up on things. To me, it doesn’t matter if I am on an airline with in-flight entertainment or not, I will always bring a laptop loaded up with downloads from BBC i-player and The Sims 4 (my sims family is doing very well, thanks).

I also bring a notepad, a book and a pack of cards. Plus, chargers, travel plugs and a battery pack. As well as, my camera (of course).

Once, I somehow fitted a blanket I had gained somewhere on the trip in too, which turned out to be extremely handy as I got stuck in the airport for 24 hours. Generally though, I wouldn’t attempt to squeeze on in!

Of course, don’t forget your passport, tickets and money too!


Is there anything you think I’ve forgotten?






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