Over the past month we’ve been posting about our Christmas Trip to Munich; something we highly recommend everyone experiences!

We’ve written in detail on our experiences whilst we were there already, but I thought it might be helpful to give you a mini overview of everything else – where we stayed, how we got about, what our favourite things to do were etc.

First, we stayed in the Helvetia Hotel. We booked this because there was a deal on it at the time, it had good reviews, and mostly because it’s in an amazing location; it’s a 2 minute walk from the central station, and slap bang in the middle of most stuff.

I wouldn’t necessarily go all out to recommend this hotel specifically (it was clean, affordable and the staff were nice, but it wasn’t anything special), however I would recommend the general area. Of course, if you’re going for a specific activity or event that isn’t near the central station, I wouldn’t say there is any real reason for you to choose to stay here instead!

Transport in Munich is super easy, especially seeing as people there are really friendly. At one point someone overheard that we couldn’t decide which way to go, so stopped to make sure we were OK. Coming from London this was a bit of a confusing moment, I’ll be honest.

We mostly walked which was quite pleasant as the weather wasn’t too bad, but train tickets aren’t that expensive (I’d recommend getting a pass for your time there – we didn’t and got around just fine, but if it’s cold you may as well splurge that extra €15 or so if you can).

Because we had quite a hectic schedule (self enforced!) we tended to eat on the move – in the morning we grabbed a pastry from wherever we were near and at lunch got something from a market (highly recommended), but at dinner, for our fet’s sake, we made sure to have a proper sit down meal. Now I have no idea where we ate on the first night, because it was super busy at the beer halls we just walked around until we found somewhere. But the second night, we went to the hoftbrauhaus. Again, it was super busy, but we managed to stroll in and get a table, by going to the second floor, which you reach by either walking all the way through and up, or taking a door to the left of the main entrance. It’s a bit of a different atmosphere to the beer halls downstairs and upstairs, in that there’s less music and beer drinking actually happening, but it’s nice for dinner and you can still drink as much of their world famous beer as you like. Plus, you can always go downstairs for a beer after. For the upstairs part, where they have a full on band, I’d recommend booking in advance.

In terms of things to do, it does of course depend on what you’re interested in, but I think my favourite places were the Pinakothek Moderne (The Modern Art Museum) and the Munich Residenz, which is an old Royal building now turned into a Museum. Both cost around €10 if I remember rightly, so not that cheap, but not something you’ll necessarily get to experience anywhere else.

I’d love to spend some more time in Munich at some point, as it’s an extremely liveable city. For one thing it’s gorgeous, but also they have great food, transport links and a ton of shopping and culture on your doorstep. Nonetheless, it’s great for a weekend break – not the cheapest out of all the European cities, but it has a lot going for it to make it worthwhile.

For proof on how gorgeous Munich is, you can check out our Vlogs which are coming out over the next few weeks. The first video from our trip went out last week, and the next one will be out this coming Monday.

Or read our previous blog posts here.




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