Last weekend I went to visit a good friend of mine, who lives in Ipswich, Suffolk (East Anglia, England). Whilst there we saw all the sights – a big bridge, the river, the harbour, some statues and the local museum. Out of these, funnily enough, the museum was my favourite. Honestly, I wish this museum was near me.

The Ipswich Museum is free, super cool inside and full of fun stuff like taxidermy and war memorabilia. It even has a big ol’ life size model of a wooly mammoth. There’s also a huge collection of stuffed birds, but as I’m afraid of them, I skipped past that bit ever so slightly.

If all the above isn’t enough for you, their local tea smiths are also fantastic: on the way back from the town centre, we went to the food hall, which was full to the brim of local produce. Tea and coffee included. Of course, I couldn’t not buy some, though I’m proud to say I managed to only buy one kind.

I went for the Suffolk Special Blend, which is essentially a British cuppa, but blended especially for hard water; I come from an area with incredibly hard water so was very excited to try it. And honestly, top 5 cups of tea EVER. If I could drink it every day, I would. Actually thinking about it, at the very reasonable price they charge for it, I probably could drink it every day… Especially seeing as you can order it online.


I tend to drink PG Tips on a daily basis because out of the high street brands (of which I’ve tried them all), I personally think they’re the best. Obviously it is a special tea, but I must say this special blend tea edges it out. Good job butterworth and son.

Plus, looking at their website I’ve come to realise something – my childhood dream of becoming a farmer’s wife is out dated and needs updating. I finally know now to what – a tea smith. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

The main reason for this realisation, is that I didn’t really think about the fact that ‘tea smith’ was a thing. Now I know, if possible, that I’d like to befriend and potentially marry a tea smith. It sounds like an incredibly noble and amazing profession, and something I would like to know more about. I imagine it’s basically just drinking tea all day, yes?

So, yeh a big Food Friday with a lot of revelations right there – I’ve found who I want to marry (sort of – if you know a tea smith, let me know) and even bigger than that, I’m considering changing my daily tea.

What’s your daily tea?

Have a lovely weekend!





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