After waking up with a slightly sore head from last nights session at the drunken ship, this morning we went to Vatican City. First thing I noticed was the lack of signs.

For anyone else like me, directions can be hard. Never mind when you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Luckily Dan (my best friend, also on the trip) is a good map reader. But finding the museum still wasn’t easy as we had no clue that it was nowhere near the church.

Vatican City was beautiful as can be imagined. I’m not religious, but that didnt mean I couldn’t appreciate it all the same. It being a hot, sunny and overall gorgeous day helped of course.

As with everywhere you go in Rome there were people attempting to sell shabby bags and umbrellas every two seconds. I will mention their sales methods are fairly easy to ignore with most just pointing at their product and saying what it is. But inside the Vatican it was a serene space, which was very much appreciated.

The Vatican Museum, however, was my hell. As a student we got in quite cheaply which was appreciated, but part way round I would have paid double that to leave. Not because of what was in the museum of course. Simply because it was like being in a greenhouse with a million other people and no doors: once you’re in it is very difficult to leave, especially with hundreds of tour groups stepping on your toes every two seconds.

My feet probably aren’t ever going to forgive me for that.

Anyway, after that we went to the Castle, which we also got into cheaply and LOVED. It was beautiful for one thing, but also interesting and held amusing views at the top. There are a few stairs to walk up, but trust me – you can do it. It’ll be worth it.

So basically, my advice would be – take good shoes, expect lines, get there early whenever possible and become a student. Things are cheap.

Now, for some more pizza/pasta before a night at La Maison (a club). I’ll post again tomorrow. Don’t wait up.




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