Right at this moment I am sat in a beautiful little apartment in Rome. Yesterday, on 2 hours sleep, we made our way here, saw the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain (which was unfortunately shut for maintenance) amongst many other things. After that, we had some cocktails, dinner and went to an American bar.

It’s been lovely. Rome is one of the only places I’ve been to that has really managed to keep true to itself. Every corner you walk around is full of history and looks gorgeous. Most places, London especially, keep their character tucked away in corners.

I shall post pictures when I’m back, but for now the main thing I wanted to make a comment on was how easy everything has been. My friends and I speak very, very little Italian. I speak a bit of French which helps a little, otherwise we know only rudimentary Italian. This hasn’t been any kind of problem though – not only does everyone speak English, but all the instructions and signs are in English too. We got on the train from the airport about 10 minutes after getting off the plane. We’ve walked everywhere since and haven’t had any issues finding anything.

There are the usual men trying to sell you flowers and random lights, and pickpockets, but otherwise I feel quite safe here. We’re in a safe area and have a 2nd floor apartment, but also in just walking around. I’ve been walking around in a group of 3 but I would be just as comfortable by myself.

So basically, if you’re as ignorant as I am when it comes to language, and like history, pretty things, cocktails and good food, you’ll find pretty much everything here.

We’re off to The Vatican today, amongst other places, so I’ll post an update later.




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