I don't know if anyone picked up on it but I've mentioned something big is coming a few times over the past few months and now, with only TWO MONTHS to the day until it happens, I thought it was time to reveal what the hell it actually is. With only that amount of time … Continue reading WE’RE MOVING TO… | BIG ANNOUNCEMENT


Happy Sunday Evening! I was really hoping to share our most recent vlog with you, but seeing as my laptop is currently suffering from a minor break down (I'm writing this on a different device) and I'm currently surrounded in clothes, due to the way I've spent my day, I figured now would be a … Continue reading TOP 10 PACKING TIPS

Culture, Country and Christmas

Sadly, this post is not centred around one countrified christmas museum, or tour, or event or anything. Because if so, I would probably be there every single day. It is about a damn good day though;last Sunday, when Naomi, Hamilton and I took advantage of lots of different things happening at the same time in … Continue reading Culture, Country and Christmas


Our journey from Budapest to Split was via Zagreb, where we then took a sleeper train for roughly eight hours to Split. This was our first and only sleeper train on the trip, and if I had to sum it up in one word, it would probably be awkward. The rooms were awkwardly sized and … Continue reading SPLIT | STOP 5 | INTERRAILING


I've never been one for offering advice when it comes to travel, as I always feel that someone else will have done it much better. My forte is more what to pack in your make-up bag, but we will get onto that another day. However, after my recent trip to Italy with Gemma, I do … Continue reading AIRBNB TIPS


By the time we had arrived in Budapest from Prague, we were well and truly knackered. Our long days and nights were finally waring, but we had just arrived in the world capital of hot baths. We were staying close to the centre in Guru hostel, a lovely little place with an extremely chilled out … Continue reading BUDAPEST | STOP 5 | INTERRAILING