A Day on Hvar Island, Croatia

While visiting Split for a few days, my boyfriend and I thought it would be nice to explore one of the islands off the coast. Each island has something different - Bol and Brac are both great places to visit but Hvar is probably the most well known (it’s where a lot of the Made … Continue reading A Day on Hvar Island, Croatia

An Offbeat Weekend in Split, Croatia

I adore Split. I went there a few years ago on the first of many road trips with my friend Hamilton (blog post here). We travelled from Zagreb, down to Plitvice, then onto Split and Hvar before finishing in Dubrovnik. It was out of season, just before everyone and their Mother started planning trips and … Continue reading An Offbeat Weekend in Split, Croatia


It took me a long time to compile this list simply because I kept disagreeing with myself. I planned a top ten then contemplated making it longer, to fit in the other places that definitely do warrant a place but sadly don’t quite fit in (in my eyes). Of course, there’s plenty of cities I … Continue reading MY TOP 10 EUROPEAN CITIES


Happy New Year ('s Eve)! We've already talked about the highs and the lows in the last couple of days, so I thought today might be a good day to show you via our brand new YouTube channel. It truly has been an amazing year in travel for me - road tripping Croatia and Scotland, city … Continue reading CHEERS 2015


With this year coming to a close; Christmas over, and 2016 rapidly encroaching, we decided it was time to reflect on the highs and lows of 2015. When asked 'Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?' it's customary to say bad news first. Hence, we're posting our worst moments of 2015 before … Continue reading WORST TRAVEL MOMENTS 2015


Our journey from Budapest to Split was via Zagreb, where we then took a sleeper train for roughly eight hours to Split. This was our first and only sleeper train on the trip, and if I had to sum it up in one word, it would probably be awkward. The rooms were awkwardly sized and … Continue reading SPLIT | STOP 5 | INTERRAILING


By the time we had arrived in Budapest from Prague, we were well and truly knackered. Our long days and nights were finally waring, but we had just arrived in the world capital of hot baths. We were staying close to the centre in Guru hostel, a lovely little place with an extremely chilled out … Continue reading BUDAPEST | STOP 5 | INTERRAILING