With this year coming to a close; Christmas over, and 2016 rapidly encroaching, we decided it was time to reflect on the highs and lows of 2015.

When asked ‘Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?’ it’s customary to say bad news first. Hence, we’re posting our worst moments of 2015 before the best (which will be coming to you tomorrow). So you’ll have something to look forward to.


Sometimes it’s nice to explore with no plans, other times you need to do your research. This is the case for nightlife in Berlin. Having met up with lots of other people in our hostel, we blindly led the group to a night club without properly researching its location or opening times After several hours of walking in the dark, lost and with a now disgruntled group, we had to give up and go back to our hostel. Everyone tells me the nightlife in Berlin is fantastic, I wouldn’t know.


There are a few contenders for this, but I’m going to settle on Hamilton and I’s first impression of Split: it’s a gorgeous place (See picture of the Old Town below), with amazing history, food, shopping… Sadly we didn’t discover this for a good hour or so, as we parked and then walked through the wrong side of town.

 It was a bit rough to say the least… Someone nearly pushed Hamilton into the sea, I fell over like 5 times (ok that wasn’t actually anything to do with the town, aside from the wet, rainy pavements. It was just my shoes, but still, I was in a bad mood) and it was so dirty, the whole dead rat lying face up in the middle of the pavement was not at all out of place.

We did laugh at the time, and I’m laughing looking back, but in all seriousness, that first hour or so was not fun. We’d already had a blast in the rest of Croatia, and really thought we’d gone wrong with our choice of next stop! Thankfully, the rest of our stay in Split was lovely – especially seeing as we knew what could have been!


Barcelona! Maybe I was unlucky, but I have never felt so unsafe in my life! 


Has to be leaving New Zealand! I cried the entire take off because I didn’t want to leave. 


With so many amazing travel moments this year, I’ve kind of forgotten the bad ones, of which there were only a minor few. But the top worst moment for me has to be arriving at our “Central” Airbnb apartment in Firenze (after an hours walk from the city centre) to no towels, itchy bed sheets, mosquitos and an elusive host. Having been exhausted from our super hectic 2 days in Roma, all we wanted was a clean, welcoming apartment where we could get a good nights sleep. Instead we got to walk through a scary subway, spend what felt like an hour trying to get in the complex (not even the apartment itself!) and then be shouted at in Italian by a man who was more than happy to wave us off on our last morning. 

As much as this put a bit of a downer on the first few days of our trip, I don’t mind having these bad experiences when traveling; they make you appreciate the good ones so much more!

(Travel Tea Tv Team)




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