So I posted a while back about the fact that Hamilton and I were moving to Canada. Well, little update… We have now moved to Canada. Huge apologies for not mentioning it sooner. I intended on posting a hell of a lot more about the whole thing but somehow didn’t manage it. I don’t think I really realised just how busy I would become in these past few weeks – leaving my job, attempting to see all the things in London I never managed to over the years I lived there, packing etc, whilst also finding time to actually see loved ones, left me with a very tight schedule.

I did find time to edit a video about us moving and will be posting more about it all very soon:

Also, if you follow me on Twitter / Instagram then you’ll see mini updates of things we have accomplished… Getting bank accounts (quite easy), sorting our phone contracts (a bit more long winded), going on a bike ride (delightful), seeing our first raccoon (adorable). All very important stuff. I will do a guide to moving and packing very soon as its something that felt like a real mystery to me before hand and I think it could be helpful to know just what happens. Plus you know this is probably one of the maddest things that I’ve ever done, so probably worth writing about.

At present we are living in Little Portugal in Toronto and it is everything we could have ever wanted. The area is perfect, the apartment is nice and at the moment, the weather is holding up pretty well (all everyone ever says about moving to Canada is how cold its going to be and you know what, right now its warmer here than back home in England). I do already miss home but I will be going back before Christmas and then my lovely boyfriend is flying out over Christmas for a few weeks, which all makes me feel a lot better.

Plus, we have quite a few things on, including the SUPREMELY exciting booking of a MYSTERY CAR. Thats right, you heard me. We decided for the second week we were here, we would hire a car and go on an adventure. We had a look at the cheapest cars on offer and came across a fun option – with Thrifty you can book a “Wild Card” car, it’s a few dollars more than the economy option but still cheaper than a compact and you can get any car they have, ranging from a compact (the next one up from economy) to an SUV or convertible. Hamilton had a read up about it online and supposedly the bigger cars don’t always hire out because they use more fuel, so they often give people those, which we are more than up for. Whenever I’ve driven in the states/Canada previously it’s been in an SUV so it would be good to have another one of those. A convertible would be on another level of insanity but I’ll let fate (Thrifty workers) decide what we get.


I get excited about picking up a hire car even when I know which level of car I’ve paid for and the exact kind of car I am highly likely to get, never mind turning up and having no clue what it could be. I would prefer it wasn’t a van because that would be a pain in the bum but otherwise I’m easy breezy.

I won’t reveal where we’re going yet but I will give you one clue… FALL FOLIAGE.

Moving to another country for a bit was super exciting to me not only to see what it’s like to live abroad but also to see all the other places that will suddenly become within easy reach. It’s like us going to Corfu for four days I suppose but instead it could be Mexico or the Bahamas (that’s genuine madness to me).

Of course our main barrier is our budget but if anyone has any suggestions of must see places not far from Toronto, I am all ears!




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