London has an amazingly varied selection of cafes and restaurants – you could eat at a different place every day and not have to repeat yourself. Amazingly though, this is something that I often find myself doing. Apparently its not only old habits that die hard.

These are a few places I really like:


Various locations, London and Edinburgh

Its an Indian restaurant, that first opened in 2010 in Covent Garden. Since then, they have opened 5 more locations including one all the way up in Edinburgh. There’s a lovely atmosphere inside, with gorgeous interior design AND its actually affordable.

Famously Dishoom is quite hard to get into due to their bookings policy, in that, they don’t take dinner bookings. Hot tip though, they do take late lunch bookings, which means if you don’t mind you can book an early dinner up until 545pm.

If you don’t do this, it may mean that you may end up queuing outside. Don’t get me wrong, thats not the worst thing in the world on a summers evening. Plus once inside, they do great drinks. And once you’re seated, the food is even better. My personal favourite thing on the menu is the chicken ruby but I can’t imagine anything they make is bad.

I’ll see you in the queue.

Scandinavian Kitchen

61 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia 

I am an absolute sucker for good Scandinavian pastries and this one is the BOMB. Up until recently I would say Bageriet was my favourite place for them in London but after starting a new job 30 seconds from the Scandi Kitchen, my mind has been changed.

I’ve posted about it a fair few times on Instagram stories because I cannot get enough. Its only £2 for a cinnamon bun (a lot less than from Bageriet), the staff are super lovely and they even have a little Scandinavian supermarket inside. I’ve been eyeing up some beer that looks pretty good but seeing as I tend to go in at about 8am, it seems a bit odd to buy it at that time…

They do other pastries aside from cinnamon buns and of course actual meals, so its worth a visit any time of day.


Ma’ plucker

75 Beak Street, Carnaby 

There are some great fried chicken places in London – Bird, Mother Clucker, Absurd Bird and more. All of them are great but for some reason I keep going back to Ma’ Plucker. They do a lot of things with chicken (3 way chicken) – rotisserie chipotle, buttermilk dipped or pulled, on salad, a house bun or maple waffle, with a bunch of different sauces. They also do the same things with halloumi.

Aside from the chicken, they put on fun things like afternoon tea, bird and bubbles, bottomless disco night… Plus, its very nice to your pocket.

Tamarind Kitchen

I came here just before Christmas after getting some good recommendations. Thank goodness I listened. Its an Indian restaurant with a similar vibe to Dishoom but I would say a little bit more ‘luxe’. This may be partly down to its sister restaurant ‘Tamarind of Mayfair’ having a Michelin star.

Its ever so slightly more pricey than Dishoom but definitely worth it. The staff are very attentive and the food is unreal. One of those meals that leaves you wishing you had the stomach of the guy from Man V Food (as in, with the ability to eat a whole lot more). I had the murgh masaledar and it was absolutely GORGEOUS.


Cantina Laredo

10 Upper St Martin’s Lane

My friends and I love a good Mexican restaurant but got a bit sick of the chain places so decided to dig deeper into our pockets and dine at one of the fancier Mexicans in town. We did not regret it.

I’m not a particularly big fan of guacamole because I don’t really like avocado (I know, I’m sorry, it just isn’t for me) but I couldn’t help but be impressed by the 8 guacs they had on the menu, that they make fresh in front of you.

Don’t worry, just because I didn’t have that, doesn’t mean I didn’t have a bunch of other things; quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas… Cocktails.

The staff are lovely and its worth a visit, or two. Or three…


What are your favourite places?






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