The Lake District is a gorgeous National Park in Northwestern England, home to (surprise surprise) beautiful lakes, lovely walks and plenty of activities for the whole family. I’d never stayed their before this trip and was very excited to experience all of these things.

August is a great time to go to the Lake District, right?

It’s easy to forget that any weather is possible at any time, because there are some times when you expect certain things. In winter, I expect it to be cold and in summer I hope for sun. Yes, some types of weather will always occur more often than others and yes, in Britain the most likely condition at all times of year is going to be rain, but somehow I will always be surprised at just how much it can absolutely bucket it down, especially when you’re assuming there’s going to be sun.

A weekend in the lovely Lake District was a perfect example of this. We had great plans of boat trips, long hikes and ice cream. We got busy indoor museums, damp hikes and sandwiches. Nonetheless, we had a good time. We are British, after all. We’re used to making the most of weather like this.



There were a few reasons we decided to spend the weekend in the Lake District. The main one was our dog, Bonnie. The Lake District has lots of dog friendly places and of course, a hell of a lot of walking, so it meant we could do a whole trip without worrying about her. She’s only small and was young at the time so couldn’t walk that far, so we even bought a dog backpack. I tested it inside and I won’t lie, that was about as far as we got with it.



Lakeland Motor Museum

Wet weather calls for indoor activities and this one, based by Lake Windermere suited us down to the ground; dogs are allowed and it’s full of cool things to look at. Seemingly every other person that was in the Lake District that August weekend thought the same thing and they all wanted to look at the same thing as us at every moment, but still, it was a nice way to while away some hours.





The sun did pop it’s head out from time to time, so as soon as it did we headed out. Inevitably, these trips ended quite quickly in rain, but we did manage a bit of hiking at Aira Force, which is a beautiful circular walk passing a waterfall. It did rain, but we were under trees most of the time so it wasn’t too bad. It was fairly slippery though!

It was quite busy when we went, I suppose because everyone else had the exact same idea as us, but there are quite a few trails that go around the main one, so we followed those and managed to escape the hoards of people for a few minutes at a time.


Kirkstone Pass

We also drove over Kirkstone Pass in the fog and rain, which is known as one of the most dangerous roads in Britain. Suffice to say, we survived and even drove back over it the same way. I quite liked it.



Overall, I think of the Lake District as a large and idyllic place, forgetting that tonnes of other people do too and would like to stand right next to me while they’re there doing the same thing as me.

If I did the exact weekend again, I’d probably do things in the opposite way to how we did. Aka, we should have gone to the Motor Museum when it was sunny (if it had been sunny) and hiking when it was raining. That sounds fairly ridiculous, I know but it has its merits.


We went as a weekend to relax and I suppose did manage that. I spent a fair amount of time indoors watching old re runs of Gladiators and reading a copy of The Jungle Book I found.

Looking back, yes that was quite nice. It’s much better than a weekend spent doing nothing, anyway.






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