I mentioned in last Sunday’s post that Naomi and I would be in Berlin this weekend. I wasn’t lying.

What I didn’t imagine, was just how busy my working week would be, meaning that I would have zero time to do proper research or write any posts in the build up. Or that I would get home from work 6 hours before I had to leave for the airport, when I still had to pack…

Anyway. We’re here, we arrived on Friday and amazingly we’ve done a million things. And have a few million more (slight exaggeration maybe) planned for today before we fly home.

We booked this trip last weekend (Saturday night) with no real knowledge of the city, aside from everyone saying how super cool it is. I’m not sure I 100% know this city from top to bottom, but I feel like we’ve covered a lot of ground and I know a lot more about Berlin than I did before.

I’ll let you know what we got up to very soon, but for now here’s a few pictures (from my phone).

Have a lovely Sunday!




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