This by far was the oddest day of our trip. 

The four of us woke up in The Whitehall Hotel in Chicago, grabbed brunch from a little place around the corner, Sunny Side Up, where the portions were massive and I had the best chai tea latte I have ever experienced (which is a mean feat).



Then, incredibly sadly, the moment we had all been dreading arrived… Leaving Naomi. It had always been planned this way, it wasn’t like we had a falling out or anything, but she was flying back from Chicago and we were carrying on.

So after brunch, we meandered back to our hotel, grabbed our bags and after an extremely long group hug, left Naomi on the pavement (sorry, sidewalk) outside the hotel to fend for herself in Chicago whilst we jumped back into the warm seats of Big Bertha (our 4×4).



In itself, the lack of Naomi made this day quite strange, but this was only the half of it as for once, I hadn’t constructed a minute by minute schedule. We were also fending for ourselves.

The only plan for this day was to get to the Ford Museum in Dearborn, and stay in London (Ontario) overnight, ready to head to Niagara/Toronto the next day (you may notice some differences in this from the title). This was only a light pencil of a plan though, which as it turned out was an extremely good thing…

It was already late morning by the time we left Chicago, but we could have made it to the museum before closing time.

We did not. 

The traffic lords were against us, and so we were forced to abandon the original plan. All was not lost though, as we quickly moved on to plan B… Target. That’s right, the American store that sells almost everything.

We’d already managed to tick most All American destinations off our list (National Parks, Walmart, DC, Best Buy etc) but this was one we were yet to reach. It was all very exciting.

We had very little clue where we were, so instead of heading for a town and then finding a Target, we just searched for Target and went to the closest one. At this point we were in pretty much standstill traffic, so we had nothing to lose.

We were ready for a domestic adventure.

I won’t give you a run down of our time at Target, because I doubt you need one. It’s like a nicer Wilkinsons, basically.


Turns out we were in the town of ‘Ann Arbor’. I just regoogled it, and all in all it sounds quite nice. I can’t say we experienced this side of it though; with all the shopping, and traffic, to us it seemed like one giant car park.

After Target, we went from random shop to shop, whilst searching for free WiFi so we could figure out somewhere to stay. This led us to Taco Bell, where we ate our fill of cheap mexican food and discussed our options.


Detroit is not known as the safest of places, so we knew not to head in to there for our overnight stop – Dearborn is just outside of there, so it made sense for us to stay en route to there though.

Hamilton did a quick motel search, and the words ‘bed bugs’, ‘scared’, and ‘dirt’ came up way too much (a story of someone getting robbed at the front desk was an interesting read), so in the end we went with the place that had the least terrible reviews, but was still affordable (aka the money from the bottom of our pockets).

This turned out to be a Super 8 in Canton, Michigan (Love Michigan, as a place btw) which wasn’t terrible. I wouldn’t go back, but the experience could have been worse; the receptionist was kind of rude and unhelpful, the tap in the bathroom didn’t work and it had an interesting smell, but it was cheap. So…


I’m not really sure how to describe Canton. I’m not 100 percent sure how it’s a town if I’m honest. I didn’t really see any houses, only McDonalds, Starbucks, Walmart and many motels. It pretty much seems like a stopover community. It was what we needed though, and served us pretty well. We spent the evening driving about town, revelling in convenience. Until we got to Bigby’s.

I shall explain… Bigby’s is the best coffee/tea chain in existence. (I have gleaned this information from two visits, but that is all I need). The staff are super friendly, and the drinks are really good. All they need now is to get some Franchises over here in the UK. We were drawn into visiting by the promise of sweet, sweet lattes and were not disappointed (they have a wide selection of tea lattes. That’s right, not just chai tea. Any kinda tea latte.)

Our experience in Bigby’s was not to be faulted. It was only when we got back outside that something strange occurred. We got back in the car which was parked metres outside, and realised that our front windows were open.

I know what you’re thinking – you silly idiots probably just left them open and forgot. I swear this did not happen. It was dark and we were driving around a random place. I’m pretty sure it was a bit cold. We would have had no reason to open them.

Basically, we went inside the coffee place, and our windows were shut, when we came out our windows were open. There’s nothing else to this, but you have to agree that’s a little bit weird.

Freaked out, but unharmed, we retired to our motel room (the most basic, stereotypical room in existence, if you’re wondering. No I did not take any photos, but if you’re looking to enhance you’re visual experience, I can provide you with the Google Street View Link) to watch Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, ready to wake up bright and early for our original plan…

The Henry Ford Museum.






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