East Coast USA Road Trip: Washington to… Chicago

Sorry about the radio silence from us!

I am currently sitting in a motel near Detroit, watching TV and living the absolute high life (sarcasm), after a week of hiking, partying, sightseeing, driving, and eating absolutely all of the food, in lovely locations in very lucky weather.

I cannot believe how quickly this trip has gone so far, and just how much we’ve done. In all honesty, I am so tired I can barely see to write this. BUT I am in the best of moods, and have been having an amazing time.

So many things have happened to us, most often, people “wowing” at our British accents/assuming we’re from Australia. All have been friendly though, which is nice.

Due to my inherent exhaustion, I am going to put myself to bed because tomorrow is a big’un; tonight is the last night in America, before we cross the border into Canada tomorrow.

I can only assume this writing isn’t particularly fluid, or Shakespearean, hence I shall leave you with some photos from the trip, to give you the taste that my words cannot.

What have you been up to – what have I missed?





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