Please note that since the time of writing this, Foamhenge has moved location and is now only accessible via Cox Farms in Centreville.

In between Shenandoah and Great Smokies National Park is a magical place, built on top of a hill, behind the trees is… Foamhenge. And yes, it is what you think it is; stonehenge made out of foam. Built by Mark Cline to be seen one April Fools Day, it’s well known as one of America’s weirdest roadside attractions and it’s artistic genius…

After a quick breakfast at Shenandoah, we got on the road again following Skyline drive until it’s end, and on to the highway towards the Great Smokies. I had researched roadside attractions before our journey began and following the success of Dinosaur Land, I was very excited about this one.


There are no signs to it either on the road, or on the white gate you have to walk around the back of to get onto the private property Foamhenge was built on, but don’t worry about that; walk right around it, along the grass and past the trees on the left will be a small foam sign with information about the installation. Namely that yes, really, it exists and you’re in the right place.

Once you’ve walked up the hill you’re presented with a small sign that will stop anyone in their tracks, from the creator himself, it basically reads “Do not deface my sculpture. If you scratch it, I shall do the same to your car. Don’t think I’m not crazy enough to do it. Sometimes I hide in the bushes and watch.” So, yeh, that’s particularly inviting.

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Once you get past that, foamhenge is pretty cool. There’s a Merlin replica, ideas on how/why the actual stonehenge was built, and the views are pretty good too. Its a super fun roadside stop, 5 minutes off the motorway and surrounded by lots of other odd things along the same road, if you’re desperate to spend more time in the area.

I mean, it is what it is. It’s stonehenge but recreated in Virginia out of stone. It’s super tacky, and kind of worn, but if it was any different it wouldn’t be the same.

If you’re making the journey past, then stop by. If not, maybe don’t fly out for it. Then again, for the amount I remember it costing to get in to see actual stonehenge, and considering this one is free, it might be worth it.


What’s your favourite roadside attraction?







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