This week will begin as usual on Travel Tea TV (post wise)… Starting tomorrow, with Lucy on her amazing New Zealand Adventures, followed by the final post on the PLANS for the next month on Wednesday, and on Thursday we’ll continue our TBT series with a little flashback to old travel times.

Then it’s on Friday when things will be a bit different as we’ll be at the start of making many, many more travel memories because we’re flying out to Washington DC, which is the start point of our USA/Canadian road trip that I’ve been banging on about.

Because of the trip, the usual blog schedule will change, and be replaced by updates in the form of pictures, videos and diary like posts, which (fingers crossed) will consist of beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery and amazing food, along the way from Washington DC to Vancouver.

So, yeh, sorry about the change, but I hope you’ll enjoy what will be appearing instead!

Don’t forget to keep up to date with us on Twitter (@travelteatv), Facebook (/travelteatv), Tumblr (travelteatv), YouTube (/travelteatv) and Instagram (@travelteatv).

Happy Monday!





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