Yes, I do realise the slight flaw in my titles, seeing as at this point we aren’t on the East Coast… I’m going to pretend like I just meant East Coast USA, and then the whole of Canada. Suspend your belief for a moment, if you don’t mind. 


We leave NEXT WEEK.

This post may take a little longer to write than normal, as it’s likely I’m just going to continue staring at that first sentence trying to comprehend it instead of actually typing anything.

Last night I did a little practice pack… I’m flying Wow Air, which means I get 20kg in my hold luggage, and 5kg in my cabin bag, and I wanted to make sure that I could actually bring some stuff; seeing as I’m editing and taking lots of photos as I go, this is a bit of a mission. Nonetheless, one I chose to accept and I think I shall manage.

So, yeh. I’m wearing my hiking boots on the plane. Enough said.


Back to business… 

If, like me, you’re a big Tumblr fan, then you probably will have seen pictures of beautiful Banff and Lake Louise plastered everywhere. I mean, look:

I think our instagram is pretty good. But, if I had taken that photo it’s likely I would just post that every single day.

It looks absolutely magical. Turns out though, that outside of Tumblr land, the lake is frozen for most of the year. So the only way I’ll be able to kayak on Lake Louise, is if I physically carve myself a path through the ice, hence I doubt I’ll be coming back with any pictures to pinterest like this. This doesn’t mean I don’t intend on getting some beautiful images, via my camera and my own eyes/memories; ice is nice too.

I’m going to finish the itinerary this week (I’m physically leaving next week so it would probably be a good idea), but our plans at present look like this:

  • 1 night in Banff after landing in Calgary from Montreal
  • 2 nights in Lake Louise
  • Take the Rocky Mountaineer over the Rockies to Vancouver (?!) (I cannot believe that’s actually happening, I’m very. Very excited.)
  • Vancouver (Which I will write on next week)

We don’t have much time in Banff or Lake Louise, but that’s never stopped us.

I’m hoping to manage a hike or two, some horse riding, perhaps a spa and maybe spot a few members of the local wildlife community… But I’ll see how much I can co ordinate whilst allowing us sleeping time!

This part of the trip sounds like absolute heaven, especially going by the many, many images I’ve seen online.

Has anyone ever been to Banff/Lake Louise? We won’t have a car at this point in the trip – any advice?

Have a lovely Wednesday!






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