Israeli food is hot on the cuisine scene right now (see what I did there?), so as those in the know about these sort of things, my friend and colleague Tina, and the rest of the Wild Dish crew, recently hopped on a plane to gorgeous Israel to taste it for themselves.

The first video of their trip has now been released (watch it here), and via lovely Tina, we have some great BTS images of what they got up to.

Last week, we covered their time in Tel Aviv, and today we’re looking at where else they explored:

Acre (Also known as Akko)





“We had just finished filming with Suhila, a lady that makes amazing hummas. She makes EVERY SINGLE plate of hummus herself and makes the best hummus in Israel (apparently!) She serves it with different things, and makes different types. The one on the left she made with Fava Beans.

It was nothing I’d tasted before! The hummus was seriously incredible. So smooth, and with so much flavour.”



“Early in the morning. Love how they painted the doors/windows and bannisters blue! So cute!”


“In a spice shop in a market in Acre”



And thats all from Tina! But there is much more coming out on Wild Dish, so be sure to subscribe to their channel if you want to see exactly why Israeli food is making such a name for itself. Including incredible hummus!


Have you ever eaten Israeli food?



P.s. If you want more from Tina, you can find a link to her Instagram right HERE.



One thought on “ISRAELI POST 2 | FOOD FRIDAY

  1. Suvi says:

    I haven’t had Israeli food per se, but of course hummus and bulgur which I can see in your photo. I even made hummus once myself and it was SO good. Maybe I should put it on my list. It’s great with anything – bread, salad, Turkish meatballs.. 🙂 xx


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