Israeli food is a hot topic right now, and as the bang on trend channel they are, the wonderful ‘Wild Dish‘ jumped on a jet plane to Tel Aviv to see what all the fuss is about. Part of the crew was my work colleague and friend, Tina, who’s showing us through pictures the many reasons Israeli food should be appearing on all of our plates. 


This was in a cafe in Tel Aviv. It’s called ‘Paul’s Cafe’ and the guy there is known as the coffee nazi because if someone doesn’t like the coffee, he’ll have a go at them!”


“Iced coffee with tahini and sesame cookies. The cookies are like a shortbread texture and taste but even more crumbly and buttery. SO GOOD.”


“Dr Shaksuka, he’s famous for making the best Shaksuka! There’s queues of people at his restaurant.” 


“I’ve never tasted medjool dates like this before. Ido, the guy who gave them to me, told me to have one after lunch as a dessert because they’re quite sweet. They were grown from the River Jordan and he said these are the best medjool dates in the world. I was thinking ok big claim, they can’t be that good, but they were so sticky and sweet, by far the biggest medjool dates I’ve ever tasted.” 


If these pictures gave you a taste and you want more, then I’d recommend giving their subscribe button a click so you can see all that they got up to.

We’ll have more from the trip next week!

Happy Easter! 



P.s. If you want more from Tina, you can find a link to her Instagram right HERE.



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