Happy Monday! Or should I say, Glucklich Montag!

In today’s video, Hamilton gets electrocuted twice by the same (quite surprising) object, we see the world’s first computer, and we *queue tears* depart from gorgeous Munich.

Find it here:

It’s the last in our series of vlogs in which we mooch around Munich, but worry not, we will be releasing more videos as and when our feet touch down on a more fun landing spot than the office carpet. Plus, there are a bunch more videos from the trip available to watch on our YouTube Channel, to keep you occupied in the mean time. (Well, they’re only short. So watch sparingly.) AND you can find links to our previous posts about Munich, right HERE.

Also, of course, we will still be releasing daily written blogs for you to feast your eyes on. This week, we have more on our trip to America, Lucy continues her journey around New Zealand, and we eat some food. So, watch this space, and tell your friends to as well.



Have as fantastic a day as possible for a Monday!






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