Hooray, we’ve all made it to the weekend! Even better, it’s the last one in January; good work everyone.

I’m a bit tired after, well, January. So I’m very excited for these two days.

As the starter for every good, chilled weekend, I have zero plans. Well, aside from my usual million and one errands that is… But I secretly quite like them. I mean there’s nothing like being able to tick off a good old to do list.

Anyway. I’ve had a long, busy week, and after being ill, some r and r is well in order! Obviously, with a view to really making the most of a weekend of this type, good TV is top of the itinerary. And when you aren’t feeling up to going out in the world yourself, there’s nothing like a good bit of Wanderlust TV.

If you have been following us on Twitter, or Facebook, then you’ll know what we’ve been watching recently but in case you’ve missed out, here’s the run down of our favourite travel shows that have been on recently:

1) Travel Man

This is my number one show right now. (Nashville isn’t on atm). Richard Ayoade (Hilarious actor / comic / director / everything), goes on various weekend breaks with other funny people. His dry sense of humour absolutely makes the show and puts a spin on stuff few people would ever imagine. Plus, it’s really well researched, which you can tell by all the weird and wonderful places they visit. The Space Food they ate last week while in Russia was the best (See clip above). They’re all on 4OD. AND there are 2 series so you can have a proper binge, before you start booking weekend breaks. Bring me back some space food, yeh?

2) The Last Leg Goes Down Under

The guys from the comedy panel show ‘The Last Leg” go “down under” to discover the real Australia. It started last night, and another one is on next Friday at 10pm. They see some really weird stuff. It’s also weird for us to see, because for once they’re not in a studio… Turns out comedians sometimes go outside and stuff. Which is fun. 

3) Walking the Himalayas

Ok, well this has *just* finished (last Sunday), but that’s why this is good weekend viewing. It’s all available on 4oD (In the UK), so pop your feet up and watch the absolute hero and gent that is Levison, lifting his feet up over and over again in order to literally walk the himalayas. Nothing says Wanderlust like someone doing something someone hasn’t done before, and he manages to do it with genuine grace and enthusiasm. What a solid bloke.

One of the only people I 100 percent know I wouldn’t make a good first impression with. I just have so many things I would want to ask and say to him, that I would definitely panic. So, yeh, go watch that. And then watch him walk the nile, and then we can chat. P.S. Yes, I do know the extras are there on the 4OD website – I have already watched them all. 

ANDDD I’ve just realised that all of these shows are on Channel 4… I watch other channels, I promise. I feel like I should maybe make up that my remote is broken or something at this point. But it isn’t. These programmes all just happen to be great, and on Channel 4. Well done programmers.

Does anyone have any other shows to recommend? Just realising I’m running out of viewing, and have a whole weekend to fill!


Have a lovely, lovely weekend everyone!







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