I still can’t believe quite how much we managed to fit into our short time in Munich, which was in early December 2015; visiting (closed) palaces, the science and technology museum, Christmas markets, beer halls and more. Amazingly, including this one, there are two posts to go just on the subject of what we did!

Honestly, we went for the markets, but found much more.

For example, of my favourite parts of the trip, was visiting the group of art museums within a short distance from one another, in the Kunstareal (The art district). As always, if we can, we will walk somewhere and Munich is a very manageable city in which to do this. Yes, it was cold and a bit windy and maybe not thattt close but it’s a nice city, and walking allows you to see a lot more of it. It’s also incredibly helpful if you have someone like Hamilton with you, aka a human GPS. As opposed to me; someone that is as helpful as a fig when it comes to reading a map (Not very useful).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: ART.


To my knowledge, there are 5 art galleries within this district – the old pinakothek, the new pinakothek, the modern pinakothek, Museum Brandhorst and Sammlung Schack. We planned on buying the pass that gets you into all of them, then going to the old, new and modern pinakotheks. But, when we got to the old pinakothek (our first stop), it was really cheap to go in, so we decided to wing it and just buy a ticket at each place.

This is a mistake. Do not do this: if you want to go to more than one, buy the pass.


It opened at 10, and we intended on giving an hour to each one… But once we’d had a cup of tea in the genuinely amazing café (they have more varieties of tea than I’ve ever seen in a single café before. I had Queen’s Jubilee tea. Which kind of tasted like Russian Caravan. Aka a black tea that’s a bit smoky.) After that, we went inside.


As the name suggests, the Alte Pinakothek contains old art works from the 14th to 18th century including works by Raphael, Tintoretto, Rembrandt and many more. It’s a gorgeous building, that at one point was the largest museum in the world and has had a lot of other museums based upon it. In all honesty, a lot of it is religious art which, not to sound uncultured or anything, but after a while I get a bit bored of.  There is a vast array of pieces inside though, and definitely worth a visit.

So we upped sticks, and due to time, decided to skip the new museum and go straight to the modern art museum. The Pinakothek Der Moderne is a stunning piece of architecture and a bit like stepping into the future. It costs wayyy more to go in than the old Pinakothek (hence why buying the pass makes sense), but it’s worth it.


Some art works, as with a lot of modern pieces, were… Interesting. My favourite out of this kind has to be a video of basically early 90s ravers stood by themselves dancing. It’s projected onto a huge screen in an otherwise empty room and there are sets of headphones that blare dance music into your ears. Somewhat unexpected, but fun. Actually tbh, it was hilarious.

Technically this museum is four under one roof (hence why it costs more I guess); focused on graphics, design, architecture and art. I wish I could describe every glimpse I got, but it’s a real visual treat and in this way worth going to see for yourself. It houses works by Matisse, Picasso, Beckmann, Sam Taylor Wood, Hockney, Ernst and way way more.


We got there just before 10am, when it opens and ended up in a strange queue, I imagine a lot like the Black Friday crowds, but classier. So I’d recommend doing the same. It was really quite quiet and a lot of the time we had whole rooms to ourselves. Though they do house big works, it’s not like the Louvre though, so it isn’t like everyone runs straight to see the Mona Lisa or another specific work.


It got much busier by lunchtime so I’d say going before then is your best bet at having a relaxing visit experience.

What’s the best gallery you’ve ever been to?






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