Yang Chai Tea Boutique
Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Winter is 100% the season for tea drinking, and a few companies have truly got their blends down. YC tea, a company I stumbled across whilst in Munich last week is one of these; if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you stop by.

Germany is not the place I expected to find tea paradise, but I think it is well deserving of the title. It’s small but perfectly formed premises are home to a multitude of tea varieties, including green, chai, black, white and herbal; all their own blends. I only bought two, but if I’d had any more space in my bag, I easily could have bought 50. The tins are laid out for you to get your nose into, which I love and they also have some testers brewed up for you to drink.

 Plus, if you want any more information, the lady owner is incredibly helpful; I didn’t catch her name, but she talked us through all her teas including her own personal favourites – I always like to see what the makers like, as it’s rare to see them get it wrong with their own products! Also it can get a little overwhelming when there are so many amazing potentials in front of you, so guidance is good!

Seeing as I was in Munich to visit the Christmas Markets, I was in the festive mood and so went for their ‘Dreams of Winter’ tea. Yes, I have already written on a winter tea with Harrods seasonal offering: that one was more of a herbal/fruit tea, but this one is a black tea, which is what I’m used to drinking everyday, so I was excited at the prospect of a winter twist.

It’s a beautiful tea, it has the black tea taste but with Christmassy hints of cinnamon and cloves that go so well with the palette at this time of year. It’s definitely helping see me through these dark winter nights and mornings!

Brew it as you normally would tea leaves, and drink with or without milk – whatever is your preference.

YC teas cost roughly 10-12 euros for a bag / tin (as you can see I got this one in a bag for travelling), which equates to about 7-9 pounds and I believe they all come in loose leaf form, as opposed to bags, so make sure you have appropriate tea ware ready!

I’m not 100 percent if they distribute elsewhere, but if not, it’s worth the trip!







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