The National Trust is a wonderful organisation (of which I am a member); so good in fact, that I wrote a poem about it in Year 8 at school (aged roughly 12/13). Sadly, I can’t find it for you all to enjoy, but believe me, it was good. I do remember all the lyrics to the song I sang during the Christmas Musical when I played a reporter in Year 6 though, so I can always repeat those if you’d like. (It included the lyrics “The evening news, gives us the blues, cause we haven’t got anything new to write about” #masterpiece)

Last year,I wrote about visiting one of my local National Trust properties (Find the blog HERE): Hughenden Manor, at Christmas time, when it was decorated as it would have been in the Victorian era. It was absolutely beautifully done, in great detail, yet there were still lots of fun things for the kids (and adults) such as a dressing up room, and games. I think it’s going to be done slightly different this year, but I’m sure it will still be grand and very much worth the trip.

So if you’re stuck for something to do this Christmas, I’d highly recommend a visit to your local NT property, even if you don’t have a membership! It doesn’t cost too much, and is always a good day out for the whole family. This year, I’m going to go to Waddesdon Manor to see it all dressed up for Christmas.

Where’s your favourite Christmas day out?






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