You can’t go to Harrods and not buy tea. Well, I can’t anyway.

It took a long time for me to settle on which one to buy (they’re expensive, ok) and thankfully, my consideration seems to have paid off: this tea is gorgeous.

Described by Harrods as ‘A Festive blend of warming spices and fruit infusions’, it does exactly what it says on the (rather beautiful) tin. It’s really smooth and warming, and though it’s mostly made up of Rooibos which I can sometimes find a bit over powering, I personally didn’t find it too much at all. It has a really christmassy smell (that can be put down to the cinnamon), all of the flavours complement each other and I don’t think it’s something you’d easily get sick of, as unfortunately some Christmassy things can (I’m looking at you Mariah Carey. I don’t want you for Christmas any more, ok?!)

Obviously, if anyone can blend a tea right, it’s going to be the exceptionally British, Harrods, so I knew that I was going to get something good, but still you never know; Tea tastebuds can be fickle.

From now on, this is my go to Winter tea. It costs a tenner for a tin this size, so it’s not going to be my everyday variety – more like a Christmas treat. It is loose leaf, as well, not bagged, so it all depends on how strong you like it as to how quickly you’ll use it up.

Plus, there’s the added extra of a having a nice, decorative tin to keep (and maybe put a candle or two in), once you’ve (sadly) finished it all.

Now to wait for Christmas to properly set in, so we can brew this up by the pot and drink it by the fire!








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