I know what you might be thinking – tea is not food, therefore not an acceptable subject for Food Friday. I’m sorry to be harsh so early on in the post, but you are wrong. I am British, and tea makes up a big part of my daily consumption of calories. Hence, I’m going to class it as a food. Plus, a third of the title of this blog is dedicated to the stuff, so it’s cool. 

This tea is a new one for me. Which is a pretty deal in my eyes (I’m a bit of a tea fan-girl). I happened upon this tea not long ago, whilst at a Korean restaurant – I’ve never ordered tea from one before, and so never thought about what I was going to get… I mean, it could have been anything. But you know what, I definitely should have done it sooner. Luckily, it’s the best. 

It’s Korean name is ‘Boricha’ and it’s made from roasted barley, and is supposed to have a lot of health benefits, due to its high antioxidant content, and low calorie and caffeine content. Plus, it’s delicious; it has a really nice smokey taste and is quite smooth, which makes it ridiculously easy to drink. It smells a bit different upon first sniff, but you get used to it. 

After I left the restaurant, I was still thinking about it. So, I went out to my local Asian supermarket, and found a box of loads and loads of teabags for £3, and now regularly drink it before bed. If you haven’t tried it, pop it on your shopping list and give it a go. 


Anyone else got any unusual teas they can recommend? 







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