In case it’s not apparent to you. That’s the 30 rock theme song. And also my ringtone.

I’m so glad my phone didn’t go off during the tour of NBC.

Yep. Today we went to Rockefeller centre. THIS STUFF KRAY.

It was beaut. We went to 30 rock, then got a tour of the Rockefeller buildings. There are 19 of them dontchaknow. We learnt all about the art and architecture of the buildings and how Abi, the wife of Junior Rockefeller I believe, (my kindred spirit) sorted all the art out for them. The wilder the art the better.

After that we went to top of the rock and saw the GAWJUS view. Like proper nice.

Theenn I had a good ol’ fan girl at NBC studios. We saw a load of studios that were the home of people/shows we didn’t know. AND the snl studio. Which I did recognise. There were pages there doing the tour like Kenneth the page from 30 Rock. They had page jackets on and everythang. Though sadly they were ladies and nothing like him. They did make us walk single file though, and probably would have made us wall hug if a celeb had appeared.

Fangirling also occurred at the NBC gift shop. I may have bought some things… I could have bought so much but I’m on both a monetary and space budget. So I just got a parks and rec t shirt, and a tgs mug.

I realised I watch way too much tv whilst I was in there. But I’m ok with that.

Anyways. We’re back at our sexy lil hotel now. Naomi hasn’t been wearing any clothes for a fair while, I won’t lie (she had a shower).

We’re just chilling for a bit, my feet are dying slightly seeing as I went for a run yesterday and we walked around for approximately 8 hours yesterday.
We’re going to make a move shortly though, and have dinner/go to the empire state building.

I hope you enjoyed this riveting blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I doubt it though. As I loved it.





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